Final Fantasy RP, if anyone is still getting notices for this!

Got multiple Final Fantasy / Advent Children AU crossovers, several boards, like 40 separate storylines, some WIP, need Vincent, the Turks, Remnants, Cloud, many more, to take over some chars and get these going!!

very heavy Yaoi and a bit of Het here and there, very liberal and very much for the mature.

Seasoned, GOOD writers, very friendly group of veterans and some noobs too! xDDDD

Join us, we'll get you RPing every DAY if you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message me for DETAILS!!

crowned fae

Important Mod Post

Well, I've figured out what I'm going to do with this RP.

It has been far too inactive. There are a wonderful few who keep trying, but this RP is dying. I credit this to many things: bad planning (on my part, yes), being too loose on the rules, and a few bad apples ruining it for others. So, I've made a decision, though a few of you may not like it.

I'm starting it over.

I'm starting Jenova ENITRELY over. New journal and everything, starting it from the very beginning. Characters will need to be reclaimed, meetings will have to happen again, as if it were a brand new RP. This is sad, because I adored this place, and we all had some great times (and HILARIOUS memories of chat sessions).

But, I think it's the only way to get activity back, and new members involved, without a lot of confusion. So, the new Jenova will be coming soon. I'll post here once it's up, and anyone here is welcome to join.

Just know that in the new RP, we are going to be much stricter on all rules, and I hope this will help:)

OOC Request

Okay, here is my little request:

I was working on a SL with someone else, but they have since dropped off the radar. So, if anyone is up for a SERIOUS storyline, please drop a comment here.

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(no subject)

Yuffie leaned on the counter where people first coming to Wutai would signup for lessons. It was a slow, slow day like very other day. And oh, lucky her. She was put in charge of the place. They usually didn’t get many people in the winter, but that didn’t mean that no one would want to come to buy any of Yuffie’s stuff. A new requirement of Godo, though, was that if Yuffie was going to make any impression to the customers, she had to wear more business like clothing. (See icon for uber cute look :D)

Idly, she played with the strings of her tie and sighed. “This sucks. Ain’t anyone wanna buy some materia?” Yuffie was soooo bored. Homework was an option. HA, yeah right. Yuffie pulled a yuri doujin out of her pack and began to read. “…This pairing sucks, too.” She kept on reading though, while waiting for any signs of life to walk through the door.

((JOOOOIIN! :D C'mon, strike up a conversation, hold the place up, annnything! Almost anything. Interaction!!))
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亀井絵里 ; Crown


Squall-mun here. I'm still here, and willing to RP with anyone if they'd like. :D

Poke me on Viyuuden on AIM if you're interested.
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