"Matron" Edea Kramer (sorcery_edea) wrote in jenova_rp,
"Matron" Edea Kramer

Edea watched the cold rain pour outside the window of the coffee house, the cup of coffee in her hands making her sigh, taking a large drink of it as she looked out the window, one hand falling to rest on her stomach. Edea didn't understand why she was so moody and testy lately. All of these mood swings were making her think. Maybe Auron was right. Maybe she was too hard to deal with. But ... if that were true ...

... If Auron is right then why do I get along so well with Butch? I can't help but compare Vincent and Butch. I mean, yes I love Vincent, but he's just ... so cold. And the idea that he might not want to deal with these babies makes it harder. But Butch ... he's just so sweet, and he doesn't hide anything from me. Vincent has his moments, he can be so sweet and so kind, but he never tells me anything. I know it doesn't matter but he seems cold. Butch just seems so warm. Maybe Butch would be better for these children. I mean, he would at least be able to cope with it better than Vincent did. I just don't know. I love Vincent but, I think that he might up and leave me if this keeps up. ...

Edea sighed and took a sip of her coffee, continuing to stare out the window.
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