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Jenova: An AU FF RP
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Welcome to Jenova. Jenova is a city in an alternate universe. In a world that's a perfect mix of our earth, and the worlds of each Final Fantasy. Here, all of your favorite characters (and a few you may love to hate) coexist, completely oblivious as to the life of their alternate self.

This RP is about their lives in the city of Jenova. Some of them are in high school, some are in college, some are working for a living... but they all have a story.

1. No God-playing. Don't do it. Just don't. God-playing is when you take control over a character that is NOT YOURS. You do this, and you'll get a warning. If you're lucky.

2. Respect your fellow RPers, and your mods. I shouldn't have to explain that one. Just do it.

3. You can change character's personalities to whatever you'd like, after all - it's an AU. However, there are some details you cannot change. Race, for one. Kimahri is still a ronso, Rikku is still an al bhed, Red XIII is still a... well... yeah, whatever he is. Also, family. Zidane and Mikoto are still brother and sister. As are Rikku and Brother. As X-Cid is their father. ETC. That's just the way it is.

4. You can choose any age for your character. IE, Lulu can be 16 if you want, and Yuffie can be 60. It's up to you. It's AU. However, there are SOME limits. X-Cid, Laguna, Raine, etc, all have to be old enough to have children, or teenagers, or whatever.

5. Anything from any FF is acceptable in this RP (cars, computers, airships), as is stuff from our world. The sky is the limit. Their world is a combination.

6. Any character from any FINAL FANTASY GAME is acceptable. HOWEVER... no FF11, FF12, or FFTA. No Kingdom Hearts, no original characters, etc. Existing Final Fantasy Characters. That's it.

7. You must. Be. Active. After seven days, if you have not made a post or comment, you will be given a warning. You then have four days after to post (or comment), and if you don't - you lose that character. If you're going to be away for an extended period of time - let a mod know.

8. You must be at least 15 to join. This RP may (well, will) involve adult situations.

9. Maximun characters to person: 2. If you feel you can handle more, ask a mod, you just may get another!:) We're very nice, really.

I have no idea how to RP... I never have before. Help?
Ask a mod, we're more than helpful. We all start out somewhere.

I'm having a problem with another RPer! What do I do?
Try to resolve the issue yourself (nicely), and if you can't, tell a mod. We'll handle it. We can be quite bitchy when we want to.

What's a 'mun'?
Let's say that I play Squall in the RP. Then I am Squall-mun. A mun is just an RPer. If you play Tifa, you're Tifa-mun. ETC. It's a lot easier to type than 'hey, dude that plays Auron!'

How do I get my own character?
Glad you asked! Fill out the form below, post it in the community with 'CHARACTER REQUEST' in the subject. You will get approved or denied within 24 hours. Because one of our mods has no life.

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Requested Character:
Character's Age:
If in school, Character's Grade/Year:
If not, Character's Occupation:
Character's Personality:
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Anything extra?:

Referred by?: (A friend? Who? An add? Who posted the add? Just a search?)


Smam - smam - AIM: ixthegeneralxi, xixpainexix
LS - laurasue - AIM: B4RD1CB17CH

Taken Characters:

Anna: merodi_no_ryuto

Faris: __dragontamer

Terra: esper_in_pink

Cid: thundergodcid

* Sephiroth: xhardcore__
Tifa: rescue_me
Vincent: dark_gunman666
Reno: _sadisticlover
* Scarlet: xscarletxsinsx
Cloud: gunjin_no_cloud
Lucrecia: listless_angel
Aeris: Journal not yet made.
Rufus: ruru_chan
Yuffie: tehyuffers

Edea: sorcery_edea
Selphie: xcrescentwishx
Ultemicia: ultimecias_fury
Quistis: xxbleedingrose
Laguna: laguna_
Irvine: sauve_irvine

Mikoto: kiki_mikoto_su
Beatrix: loyal_rose
Kuja: silver_genome
Amarant: amarant_the_red

* Rikku: albhedbeauty
* Paine: iamthemoonx
* Gippal: teh_gippal
Yuna: sweetsummoner
Lulu: _guardian_lulu_
Auron: shaded_badass_
Shuyin: shuyin_ikari
LeBlanc: x_leblanc
Seymour: Journal not yet made.

Amaya: __darkamaya
Savriehl: maculate_enigma
Butch: x_mysterious
Aldonza: aldonza_aloria

* - A character being played by a MOD. Ph33r.